Do you need a high-end packaging solution that will amaze your customers? Our custom rigid boxes are excellent for a wide range of high-end products and brands. You can display and protect your high-value goods with one custom packaging solution thanks to their attractive look and outstanding durability. Allow us to help you in creating unique rigid boxes that complement your brand’s image.

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Custom rigid boxes packaging

With, you can create rigid setup boxes that become a symbol of your company is a lot of fun and easy. Such custom rigid boxes are made of concentrated cardboard and have a high-end design. However, it provides the best in business security and is an out-of-the-box packaging solution for luxury products. So, the customers are seeking flawless wholesale rigid boxes. Our experienced rigid boxes manufacturer have spent a large amount of time and work developing an online booking system. With us, you can get your non-collapsible luxury rigid boxes manufactured exactly the way you want them in 3 easy steps using this online service.

  • Size It Up: Select a customize size for your rigid box packaging that ensures a great fit for your products. However, it allows for secure placement and gives the impression that the box is just designed for them.
  • Stylize It: Search our amazing collection of custom styles, choose one, and integrate it with your rigid setup box. However, hinged lid assembly, sleeve sliders with ribbon pulls, and many other options are available.
  • Make It Your Own: Add elaborate graphics to your custom printed rigid boxes, include your logo and branding information, and add ribbons or bows to make a gift box that screams luxury!

Our Rigid Box Packaging Options:

We proudly offer endless finishing options for custom rigid boxes and allow you to add more grace to your product packaging. 

To make your clients fall in love with your business, get away from old and out-of-style packaging boxes and surprise them with flawlessly designed rigid boxes. However, we hire a dedicated team of rigid box manufacturers, which creates a huge library of finishing options from which you may choose your favorite to increase the grace and glam of your luxury rigid boxes. Increase the excitement of gift recipients with glossy finishing, give your valuable corporate gifts a high-end and luxury look with matte finishing. Moreover, it glamorizes the presentation of your products with metallic effects and all of which will help you instantly increase your company’s profitability and reputation.

Luxury rigid boxes in shape, size, color, and design are available:

You may make your own custom packaging in whatever size, shape, design, or color scheme you like. Add your brand’s name, logo, and item details to your case to keep your image and products in mind. We also provide any printing solution that you require on your custom printed rigid boxes with other customization options. For your box, you can choose between screen, digital, ink, embossing, debossing, or offset printing. Moreover, we use high-quality ink that keeps your box looking new for a long time.

The material matter:

The most important factor that must be considered while designing a box is the material. To make rigid gift boxes wholesale are more special and appealing, there is an innovative type of material. The following is a material in which you can make all of the options. The thicker material to make it a custom rigid packaging, corrugated material with thick E-flute is used.

As a result, this material is only used to build rigid one-piece or two-piece boxes. For parceling things on long routes, rigid box packaging is a reliable material. Rigid boxes can use to carry a lot of stuff. Luxury Rigid boxes come with two parts and are also a convenient rigid box packaging option. This allows the customer to unpack in a new and unexpected way. Moreover, all of the materials we give are completely recyclable.

Printing Technique:

Printing has a significant impact on the custom rigid box look. The colors and designs can print on the box. With the help of printing, you can rapidly enhance the beauty of your box’s surface. However, there are lots of options that deal a huge blow to your rigid boxes wholesale. Simple printing is certainly a popular option on the market. Our unique techniques will enhance your buyer’s experience. The possibilities are listed below.

  • The CMYK color model
  • Processes in the PMS
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Foiling

This technique is the reason for a buyer’s new unwrapping experience. Moreover, the CMYK printing method can use for high-definition printing. 

PMS Process:

The extraction of shades from a specific color is known as the PMS process. Everything comes together to form a theme. However, this process offers a wide range of color options. The two separate ways of puffing and bending the logo or text are embossing and debossing. So, the custom rigid box looks fancier. The logo or the text has a strong existence. In addition, the rigid box’s foiling is a new printing wrap. It takes place in three main colors as a whole.

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Rose-gold

Other colors can use for foilings as well. However, the majority of people utilize gold and silver foiling on their boxes.

Coating scope:

On these rigid box packaging, the coating creates flawless layering. When you open the box, it offers you a relaxing feeling. There are three basic components to the coating process.

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • UV light on the spot

These boxes have a shiny texture, which adds to the shine. The gloss coating is more appealing than the others. It provides your custom rigid box with a shiny appearance. The matte is the box’s dry effect. When you gift to your loved ones, it imparts a valuable perspective. The UV spot has a delicate appearance. It includes both. The part that is glossy and the part that is matte. When placed on the table with other gifts, it becomes special and unique. Furthermore, it is in higher demand.

Add-ons on these Boxes:

When cuts are added to these boxes, they can appear more expensive. The various cuts are as follows:

  • Die-cut window
  • PVC window

The die-cut window is a cut on the box that allows you to get a closer look at the product within. The product’s colors are valuable and demanded. As a result, the PVC window installation indicates that the product is still available. But that the cuts are covered behind the translucent lamination sheet. People choose PVC windows for eatable things the most. This will make your packaging more attractive.

Why us?

We are one of the top leading packaging brands. Our rigid boxes manufacturer is capable of providing a design solution for each item you make. However, our luxury rigid boxes are well-known for their flawlessness. Our professionals have worked tirelessly to turn a huge number of visitors into loyal and satisfied customers. We care about both our customers and the environment. However, we use updated and most recent technology in the manufacturing of our packaging items to dispose of residue, smoke, and harmful material from the environment. We also use the most advanced equipment to supply the smallest amount of waste that could be hazardous to our environment. Our company is well-known for its low pricing and high-quality services.

  • What is the rigid box thickness?

    Depending on the size of the box and the preferences of the client

  • • What are the most common rigid box finishes?

    We offer laminating in thin plastic, matte, or glossy.

  • • Which rigid boxes are the most cost-effective?

    Standard two-piece rigid boxes with a separate lid and base are more affordable.

  • • Is it more expensive to use foil stamping, embossing, debossing, or spot UV?

    Yes, please tell us what you're searching for and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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