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The terms and conditions mentioned below are accepted if the user is using the website. Printing Shell (A project of Intrepidtechsolutions) reserves the right to alter or revise these terms and conditions without prior acknowledgment or notification at any time. Consumers encourage to visit this page from time to time. Printing Shell Packaging has the content that use to assemble our products. The materials are not sold to other parties. It is up to the authority of Printing Shell whether they distribute free samples or show the quality of their product in any other way.




It is understood that by using this website the user is aware that all the content / information that show on the website, which includes writing, software, data, media, photographs, graphics, illustrations, designs and maps or any other / additional Content or material collectively referred to as “Our Website Content” is the property of Printing Shell. Any modification, update, copy, storage, republication, distribution and transmission of this content is strictly prohibited without the written and legal permission of the owners of this website.




The user is responsible for any content, be it images, music or any form of medium that he uploads, publishes, shares, distributes or disseminates through our website. The user agrees that any material, be it images or text that they upload, share, post or distribute on our website or that use in correlation with the material / content of Our website, will not include any text, images, graphics, branding commercial, logo or copyright work belonging to third parties unless they have obtain the corresponding authorization from the respective owners for such purpose / use. Users agree that they will not upload, share, advertise or in any way disseminate or disperse through our website any web content that is objectionable, obscene and restricts our various users from using the services of our website or infringing on rights owned by Printing Shell or any of its affiliates.


Printing Shell does not control the content shared by users of Printing Shell and, therefore, does not guarantee the validity, decency or morality of the material. Printingshell.com will not be responsible for any web material that it deems inappropriate, illegal or obscene.

Reserves the right

Printing shell reserves the right to remove any content that indecent, offensive, vulgar, obscene or illegal, but it does not your duty to remove such content that violates the terms and conditions or is deemed objectionable. Printing Shell has the right to maintain any content shared on its website or may disclose it if necessary (a) to adhere to legal process; (b) apply the terms of service; (c) responds to the statement that the content of the website violates the rights of third parties; or (d) retain the rights, wealth, or security of our website and its users.


In order to receive the order products, users  oblige to provide the website with the correct information. Our website is strictly design for human use and not for automate use. Any misuse of the website that violates the terms and conditions of Printing Shell will be considered illegal and Printingshell.com reserves the right to take legal action.


If you are a user and have placed an order on our website, you ensure that you have the permission and authority to place an order and that the company can create unique products on your behalf. You ensure that you are old enough to abide by legal proceedings if you experience anything when using the website as a customer.


By using the website, it reflects your consent that you acknowledge and accept the Printing Shell privacy policy. You confirm that you have read and understood the company’s privacy policy and the use of personal and business information as described in our privacy policy.



Since all orders are unique, all payments are final non-refundable. If we acknowledge that we made a mistake, we will reprint / reproduce the order. Refunds or store credits will not be accepted under any circumstances.


If you discover a problem / irregularity or error regarding your order, you can report it to the company within 3 business days after receiving your order. In the event of a printing error, Printing Shell will reprint your original order but will not refund payment. Defects or failures of any kind examined / recognized by the relevant authority / department assigned by Printing Shell. The consumer / customer must send the defective product to the company, at his expense, within 7 working days to claim the reprint of his product. Rush order charges are non-refundable.




The prices of the products give in USD (United States dollars) on our website. Therefore, the payment accept in the same currency. The company begins working on your requested order once it has received the full amount due for the services, including taxes, shipping costs, etc., through one of the authenticated payment sources / platforms.


Placing the order also includes sending to the company the final form of the product or services through an electronic file or a print copy of the product or services request that they need the company to perform for them. Print jobs send to the press department once you are sure of what you want from us. Once the assignment is submit to the press department, no changes are made to anything regarding timing and layout. However, you can cancel the order within the limited duration of 4 hours after proof approval.


This cancellation will cost you $ 30 and 10% of the total payment of your order. Customers also have the option to cancel their order after a 24 hour limit, however this will cost them 50% of the total payment for their order to cover the time and resources the Company wasted in manufacturing their product. . Although the company does not ensure that one can cancel their order after the 24 hour time limit.




Once you pay or ship the full amount of your order to the company and share your order with the artwork / file, either in print or electronically, and agree to the share content, which  review by the department press, then production speed, and print response time begins. When placing an order on our website, you can select the production speed that shows the number of business days from printing to shipping. You must submit your design approval before 10 AM Central Standard Time (CT).


The Company and its employees make every effort to provide users with their products on time by shipping. In case of delay, Printing Shell is not responsible for any loss / damage cause by delay in shipment. Customers agree that the company is not responsible. For any delays due to weather or customs issues that we cannot control directly. If there is a problem with the printing process. Charges will refund even if orders cancel due to printing delays.


The company provides 10 to 12 days to ship the product, while 6 to 8 days. For expedited shipping (with 2-3 days for ground shipping). To anywhere within the US No weight limitations and quality. Shipping to additional locations will cost you additional charges. The company is not responsible for the transport times of the delivery. Nor for the losses or damages that occur during the shipment. Legally, the company should not be blamed for any loss in shipping. Although such incidents may be brought to your attention. After 6 business days after shipment, if you provide us with an incorrect shipping delivery address. Make a mistake in submitting the complete delivery address, we will charge additional shipping charges and shipping handling.




Printingshell.com not responsible if there are errors in the final print product regarding:

– Spelling, grammar, font,

– Charts, score, leak marks.

– Wrong fonts, cut lines, cut marks, crease cracks

– Overprint errors

– The difference in the size of the finished product.




Printing Shell or its suppliers, vendors, employees, staff and / or any other person related to the company. Whether directly or indirectly, is not responsible for any accidental, indirect or consequential damages of any kind. Damages of any / all kinds amounting to a loss of data, revenue or revenue. Despite prior information to Printing Shell, as a result of or in relation. To the performance of the website or due to non-delivery of the products. Or services you can request. / Acquire from Printing Shell or its affiliates. Including, without lamination, damages resulting from human error, mistakes. Pandemics, delays, service or any other circumstance seen or unforeseen not the responsibility. Printing Shell or anyone of its affiliates. In no event will Printing Shell be liable for damages or circumstances resulting. From the incorrect use of this website and its content by the user.

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