Custom Soap Boxes

From the supplier to the retailer, custom soap boxes play an important role in both decision-making and client attention.

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Custom Soap Boxes Packaging with our wide variety of custom soap packaging, you can add designs and personal touches to your soap bars, perfect for expressing your brand’s essence.

Every maker and seller will need Custom soapboxes to set their brand apart from others on the market. There are numerous brands on the market that provide unique packaging designs for soap packaging boxes. Furthermore, the creative art on the soapboxes will greatly enhance the brand’s reputation and improve sales. The Soapbox packaging can stand out on the retail shelf, but only if they are customized with a stunning design. From the supplier to the retailer, custom soap boxes play an important role in both decision-making and client attention.

We are always ready to deliver whatever style or design you desire for your soap packaging boxes. Our production team is still looking at the possibility of trying to impress you with their creativity. To make our packaging boxes more appealing, we use cutting-edge printing technology such as digital and offset printing, as well as outstanding color technology. Soap products require durable materials that can keep them away from moisture. These products must be maintained in a moisture-free environment to last a long time. For your packaging, you can choose any other unique design.

If you want your soap Boxes to match the color of your items, we can do that as well. On these package boxes, high-quality photographs of your company logo and other important product information are on your packaging boxes. Our services are outstanding, and we are committed to achieving your expectations in every way. 

Advantages of getting custom soap boxes:

Choosing soap packing boxes has several advantages. We’ve listed below a few of them:

It is a way to create awareness:

Custom packaging is an effective marketing tool. It includes your company’s name, the type of flavor or fragrance you used in the soap, and any other useful information. This attracts customers and also providing useful information about your company. A loyal audience can stay longer based on high-quality soapboxes. This, in turn, leads to an increase in sales, which is beneficial to the company.

The shelf life increase:

The soap inside the packaging box remains safe from water and dirt. This increases the time of untouched soap packaging, it can stay longer in your bathroom or storage closet. This way, the soapbox will ensure that the soap is in perfect condition whenever your customer uses it.

It is a good layer of custom soap boxes protection:

the soap packaging keeps the soap safe. That is the most important function of any packaging. It’s made of hand-selected materials to reduce the impact of the outside environment on the soap inside. You may relax knowing that your product is well-protected.

What material do we offer for soap packaging?

The material we use to make soapboxes gives them a charming and classy look. Moreover, it can be important in capturing the attention of visitors long enough to persuade people to buy your products. We use recycled crafting materials, also known as eco-friendly materials. Although, it has to safeguard hygiene standards from climatic changes and thermal changes. Moreover, it also keeps them safe from a variety of other harsh conditions till they reach your clients in perfect shape without any damage.

We provide a wide collection of materials. Each one has its specifications and functions. You are free to use any packaging material that you believe is suitable for your soap packaging boxes. 

Custom Kraft Soap Boxes:

These soapboxes are the most eco-friendly material ever. It can be styled in any way you choose. It’s also incredibly simple to recycle and upcycle. The most significant advantage of choosing kraft wholesale soap boxes for your handmade soaps is that you will attract the attention of an audience that wants environmentally friendly packaging.

Cardstock soap box packaging:

Cardstock is also an environmentally friendly option. It is not as sturdy as cardboard, but it’ll do its best. We offer a high-quality paper, which is ideal for protecting your soaps from moisture, heat, and other damaging factors.

Cardboard soapboxes:

If you want biodegradable soap packaging boxes, skip the plastic and use cardboard. We provide high-quality cardboard packaging that can help you build a long-term business. You can also give your customers incentives to encourage them to engage in the activities. This will provide you with more raw material for new boxes and allow you to avoid using virgin materials. The best part about our cardboard boxes, though, is that you may customize them in any way you desire. Most people prefer cardboard sleeve boxes. Our clients have complete control over the materials, size, design, and printing patterns of their cardboard boxes.

Corrugated soap packaging:

There is no better material for packing the order of bulk of soapboxes than corrugated cardboard. The nice thing about corrugated cardboard is that you may improve its strength by choosing the fluted layer based on the weight and dimensions of the products. In other words, the thicker flute gives the box more strength, making it perfect for bulk packaging.


Additional handmade soap packaging:

We offer a variety of add-ons that you may use to improve the look of your soap packaging boxes.

Soapbox with window:

By adding the window, your product can look more transparent in the soap packaging. so, the soapboxes with a window will help your customer to trust your brand.

Printing technique of custom soap packing boxes:

We provide different types of printing procedures, each with its best prices. Depending on your production budget, you can choose any printing technique.

Offset printing for soap box packaging:

In comparison to digital printing, this method is less efficient and costly. however, it will help you in managing your production budget if you are a start-up. One drawback of offset printing is that it cannot be stopped in the middle of the process.

Digital printing for custom soapbox:

In addition, to offset printing, we also provide digital printing for soapboxes. It is a cost-effective procedure, but it is on the expensive side. However, in both procedures, we guarantee the best printing results.

Spot UV for soap paper packaging:

if you want your brand’s logo to look more professional Spot UV technique is the best option.

Foiling on soap packaging paper:

  • Gold 
  • Silver

Coating for cardboard soapboxes:

  • Matte
  • Glossy

How can you make your soap logo boxes interesting?

  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

Why choose Printing Shell?

Our services for your custom box packaging needs for your product are a step in the right direction. This is because we offer a complete package for all of your packaging.

Our unique designs of soapboxes:

Our designers work by keeping an eye on market trends, customers’ needs, and the type of product concerned.

Our material quality is best for your soapboxes:

We have a variety of materials from which you select for your soapboxes material. Our range of materials includes long-lasting products. They’ll last a long time and extend the shelf life of your items in the market. 

Our printing technique is best for your soap packaging:

We are confident in the quality of our printing. We offer a variety of printing options. Moreover, our print is also water-resistant. It does not wear off or fade over time. The printing of words or quotations you want is printed clearly and legibly.

Our rates of wholesale soapboxes are also available:

We are a wholesale soapbox supplier. There is a soapboxes bulk that must be purchased and also considered for the discounted wholesale rates.


We’d like to hear your thoughts on our excellent service or if there’s anything we can do better. As a result, we will consider all of your suggestions and make improvements to our services. Our designers will also sit down with you for a one-on-one meeting so that you may discuss the issues on your mind. When we make wholesale soap packaging boxes for you. Mainly, we want to capture the essence of your brand. 

Make your brand image with us:

Our skilled team will satisfy you with their creative talents and will always be ready to provide your desired Soapboxes. We used the most up-to-date technologies and equipment to make your soap product stand out on the market, and your brand image will positively attract customers. The pleasant and calm quality of your products will be highlighted by the soapbox packaging. We also place special attention on your company’s logo, which includes important information. However, we will provide you our best services.

  • • Is it safe to ship the soaps inboxes?

    Yes, this is because we utilize the most durable materials for shipping. After all, we understand how difficult shipping can be. As a result, no risks should be taken. Certainly, corrugated material is our great choice.

  • • Can I get soap pictures print in bulk on my soapboxes?

    All of our customers can choose from a range of customization options. We also provide you with high-quality printing techniques that may be used to print any soapboxes. So, to make your custom printed soap boxes more appealing. We print any soap images on them.

  • • How are soaps protected from being slippery in boxes?

    Our custom soap boxes with windows are made of cardstock and eco-kraft materials that do not let in any weather or have a chance of being harmed. As a result, there is no contact with water or sunlight. The soaps do not melt and remain in their original condition.

  • • Can I customize the colors of my wholesale soapboxes?

    We provide our customers complete control over the color, printing, and other aspects of their packaging boxes.

  • • Do you have any sample boxes for homemade soap packaging?

    Yes, we provide samples. It also includes both digital and physical samples.


  • • Can we change the shape of the windows in the soap display box?

    Yes, with custom boxes, you have complete design control.

  • • Is there a discount for bulk soapboxes?

    Yes, we provide discounts on bulk soaps order.

  • • Why should I choose your company to purchase a soapbox?

    We offer high-quality products at affordable pricing.