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How to get PR boxes

Grab your cup of coffee or hold your snacks tightly because we are not only going to tell you how to get PR but also what you should do and should not do in this PR thing!

So, let’s start from scratch. 


What is PR?

A PUBLIC RELATIONS department that works with bloggers, influencers, content creators, famous magazines, celebrities to which they think that they can expand and promote their brand in diverse ways. 


What would be the most accurate time for this game?

You need to begin moving toward some PR organizations and brands once you have a decent number of followers on some social planet particularly Instagram. At the point when you think you have a lot on your page or profile, you are all set with the next stage!


DO: Create a stage that is extraordinary, that fulfills you. Beginning a blog or an Instagram account shouldn’t be the motivation to get free stuff. Show your specialty, magnificence, design, or food, and make it your own. In the event that you figure you are all set to go, then you are ready for PR packages!


DON’T: Please don’t move toward a brand or organization when you simply have 500 followers or an Instagram account that is a common Insta profile actually. You should have more than 10k followers to proceed further. 


How do you reach a brand or PR agency?

You will receive the question from people on Instagram: “Hey, I saw you received a PR package from that brand, do you have contacts for me?”. First of all, some people usually ignore these questions because they often come from people who never like or comment on your Instagram posts or they don’t even follow you! 


DO: if you post regularly, create unique content, tag brands, and use the right hashtags your favorite brands will find you! Almost every brand or agency has an Instagram and if they see your post where you tagged them, they might contact you for the amazing content you created. Or interact on their Instagram, like their posts, and ask genuine questions to them in the comments. They will notice you. 


DON’T: sometimes an influencer is unboxing a PR package on their Insta story and they tag the brand and PR manager so they can track it. Please don’t approach the PR manager on their Instagram account! They usually share their Instagram so they can stay in touch with their content creators and track all the content that is posted. 


How to make a great first impression?

You messaged them through their data mail, wound up at the right PR individual inside the brand, or got a post-office-based mail address from another sweet blogger who was so kind to impart it to you: what’s going on? Remember that this resembles a meeting and you need to show why they need to put you on their PR list. Here is an example!




Much obliged to you for your time! 


Allow me to present myself: I go by ABCD and I am a () for over (long periods of your work (explain why you began this stage and why excellence or design). I’m mailing you since I trust I’m ideal for the brand and I need to stay up with the latest with all the news and dispatches. 

Let them know how you can help them in return for being on their PR list! 



You will get a few messages and DM who moved towards you like this. Generally, the individual behind the record doesn’t do PR and they can guide you promptly to the perfect individual. Just request data like: how would I reach out to the PR director of your image? What is the email address of the brand? Never send a brand an immediate DM on Instagram with: He, I love your items! Need to work together? We actually think this isn’t the correct way of moving toward a brand since we don’t have a clue who you will be. You request a collab without letting me know what you do. 

NEVER ASK FOR FREE PRODUCTS. In case you are not on the PR list yet and you approach a brand or organization with the inquiry in the event that you can get a few items, you are ill-fated. You initially need to make every one of the strides above before you even challenge to begin posing this inquiry.


How to get PR boxes?

Alright, the pleasant part is beginning at this point! 

Getting PR should be possible in numerous ways. Brands can move toward you since they think you fit with the particular.


DO: When you request PR packages, consistently let them know what you can do in return for getting the examples. Be clear and on the number of and where you will post the substance for themselves and what sort of idea you need to make it. At the point when another item dispatches or when you request an example, we need to hear from you how you will feature this item. Think of an arrangement and never request basic simply getting the item. The best planning to request tests is the point at which a public statement has been shipped off to you: in the public statement, they generally state in case there are tests accessible for the press to try out. Answer in the mail and let them know how you can help them! 


DON’T: A lot of brands don’t generally have tests on the grounds that the items are simply too costly to even consider giving them to everybody or they just send them to the magazines and celebs. In any event, when you are on the PR list doesn’t mean you will consistently get items. There are no limitless measures of tests accessible so for the most part marks just pick x measure of forces to be reckoned with. 



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