how to make soap

Making soap at home requires two types of ingredients: an acid and a base. These react chemically together in what is called “saponification” and produce the soap along with glycerin as a by-product. You cannot make any commercial or homemade soap without these two ingredients and once you successful to make soap at home, you should use soap stickers and soap boxes to pack your soap bars. It will help to introduce your brand in the market.



Soap Boxes


How to make soap

This is very simple that how to make soap at home? We have devised a simpler and safer method of making your own hands or bath soap at home without bleach. In order to get more secure, experts force to use  “melt and pour” soap making recipes. Such type of recipes are easy and form joyful moment in home, even with kids, and you won’t have to deal with the potential dangers of working with bleach or learning the chemistry of the saponification process.

Get tool for how to make soap at home:

All you really need is a heatproof bowl to melt the base and a stainless steel whisk to mix your perfume. Any old pot or bowl ready to remove is the perfect container for making soap. A blender is only necessary if you have added additives like coloring, exfoliating powders, and glosses. Depending on the volume of soap you’re making, even a 1 or 2 liter Pyrex measuring cup works well. It is microwave safe and heat resistant. Just remember not to reuse it for food preparation to avoid cross-contamination.

The only other tools you will need are silicone molds. A star shaped one works well for making guest soaps. Consider a heart-shaped design for wedding favors or Valentine’s Day gifts. Prepare the briquettes before you begin to thaw them, so they are ready when you need them.

soap boxes

soap boxes

soap boxes

soap boxes

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