custom styrofoam packaging

How much do you consider the experience while designing your packaging?

When the consumer receives the package, how should they feel?

What would you like them to consider?

When done correctly, product packaging may offer a significant amount of value to your company. It has the potential to boost sales, provide a memorable experience, and increase brand loyalty.

While this may appear to be a reach, customers love businesses that are honest, caring, and transparent. Custom Styrofoam Packaging Inserts assist you to satisfy your customers’ expectations by providing extra protection for their purchases, delivering important information, and simply contributing to the overall look and feel of your package.


We’ll look at how to include custom box inserts in your packaging in this article.

1- Low-cost

Foam Inserts for your packaging are a comparatively low-cost addition to your package.

You might consider several solutions based on your requirements, but package inserts are a cost-effective approach to improve your unpacking experience. While printed inserts might be more expensive depending on the printing method, simple inserts can convey a high-end vibe just as well. If you want to interact with your consumers but don’t want to spend the money on printing, try using promotional inserts like thank you cards to get your message through.

These components go a long way for a small investment. Even if you’ve chosen standard packaging for your company, inserts are an option. It’s a terrific method to distinguish your company from the competition.

2- Specifically targeted

As previously stated, custom Styrofoam packaging inserts are used for more than simply protection.

Offering minor discounts for subsequent purchases from your brand, cross-referencing other product lines you provide, and encouraging customers to discuss and evaluate your items online are all ways to make use of inserts. Printed inserts allow you to provide important details about your brand’s history, narrative, and ambitions.

These are especially useful for e-commerce companies that don’t always employ fancy packaging when sending their items. Because you know what your customers have purchased, you also know what they would want to acquire in addition to what they have already purchased. Customers like firms that are open and honest, and inserts are a great way to make a real connection with your target audience.

Make it personal, interesting, and exciting to truly stick in your clients’ minds.

3- Sending an Email

While email marketing has its place, nothing beats face-to-face interaction with customers. An email can easily be buried in an inbox, but a molded Styrofoam packaging insert ensures that your items are seen from the time they are unboxed.

Because it’s one of the first things people see when they open a box, you have the chance to make an immediate connection with them. Custom inserts provide a lot of marketing worth, whether it’s for adding to the experience, brand story, or value. Foam inserts are self-explanatory. They exude a sense of richness and great quality. 

custom styrofoam packaging

4- Product Education

Your custom box inserts don’t need to be promotional at all for them to be effective. You can use custom Styrofoam packaging inserts to teach customers about the product, what it’s made from, and any other important information they should know about both your brand and product. 


This could also include instructions for use, tips, and tricks or ingredients while also providing an added layer of protection to the contents. Again, customers thrive to interact with brands that practice full transparency. 

While it may seem mundane or harmful to your brand reputation, communicating warnings and toxic ingredients is also a very impactful way to use your custom inserts. This way you are keeping your customers’ safety in mind and communicating any warnings with them from the get-go, and customers will appreciate the thoughtfulness. 


5- Make True Bond with Customers 

In a marketing-heavy culture, it’s tough to establish trust and loyalty.

On the other side, custom box inserts could be able to help you prevent this.

You may incorporate your messaging, values, and vital brand data on your inserts, whether you’re delivering value with foam inserts or sharing knowledge with paper materials.

Inserts may be used for more than simply storing your goods; they can also be used to incorporate thank-you cards, allowing you to build a more personal relationship with your customers. Personalization of your delivery’s contents is essential for a good unpacking experience. To build a strong link with your brand and tell their friends and family about it, customers must like their unboxing experience.

6- Encouraging Interaction with Others

When it comes to increasing brand authority and value, custom box inserts may be really beneficial.

Custom Styrofoam packaging inserts may be used to advertise your social media channels and increase client engagement with your company.

Given that most people are tied to their phones and browsing through Instagram, having a brand with which they can connect online is quite tempting, particularly to this generation. Creating a distinctive, contemporary, and/or amazing unpacking experience may help your business thrive. Encourage your consumers to share their unboxing experiences online, and you’ll be able to reach a far larger audience.

Furthermore, by communicating with your clients on these platforms, you may widen your target market and reach!

7-  Submit a Feedback Request

What would you like customers to do now that the product has been delivered?

Would you like them to write a review on your website or follow you on social media and remark on how they discovered an item? If you want to increase digital interaction, tangible methods like box inserts and cardboard box inserts can assist!

You may add instructions on how to submit a review, which social media networks to follow, and a call to action to entice more consumers to post reviews!



Consider what distinguishes your company and how your custom inserts may effectively communicate it. Custom inserts may dramatically improve experience, therefore including them in your package is worthwhile.

Do you want to talk about how to make custom foam packaging insert options? Get in touch with us or get a quote right now!

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